New Need for speed advert for PS3 anyone seen it???

    Anyone noticed during the footage of the game there is a disclamer stating the footage is dependant on console, you think that means the footage is from the 360 as the PS3 does not look as good?

    If the advert is for the PS3 (Which it is) why the disclaimer unless its for a different colsole, unless the new slim looks different to the Phat PS3 lol


    The Psp?

    Original Poster


    The Psp?

    Spose it oculd have been footage from the PSP, it was a PS3 advert thou lol

    Yes it was saying that it was probably PS3 footage and the PSP in gam footbage wouldn't be the same

    They are advertising the PSP and PS3 versions of the game - hence the disclaimer :roll:

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    The footage was not PSP and it was advertising the PS3 as it had the new slim in the advert saying for PS3, just made me laugh lol

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