New NES Classic titles being added to the Nintendo Switch online service this month!

Posted 9th Apr
Oh yes! There are 3 new NES Classic titles heading to the Switch via the Online service. It's awesome to see Super Mario Bros.: The lost levels in there. It's one that I haven't ever managed to play. I believe it was only available in Japan when it was originally released.

Punchout!! is also in the line-up which is a total masterpiece of the time. I used to play that for hours as a Kid, so i'd be all over that.

Anyone up for Star Soldier? It's not one that I personally played, but looking around it was rated pretty highly! Not sure how I missed out on that one.

If you have a Switch already and remember those, then you're probably pretty excited for it. If you're a little young to remember any of them, then they will still be worth checking out!


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Otherwise, check to see if you can get a free 7 day trial on your console
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So if you have the online service, these are free?
Big_Rik57 m ago

So if you have the online service, these are free?

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Available now
How do you get these games?
Had a sub for 4 months and never knew this
Any news on when SNES games will be added?
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