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Found 9th Jan 2009
They have not YET come on sale, but I though that I would warn you in advance about this, check it out



i doubt this would be allowed under deals, although good thought
don't let this discourage you from posting in the future.

No link to page

"Elonex's £99 version is already on sale over the internet"

Where could that be then? crackign price for a netbook though.

Nice price but I suspect the goods will be *****....

Looking at the Elonex Websurfer (£120 ish) does it really only have 2GB SSD and 128megs of Ram????

Surely that would be deathly S - L - O - W.....

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No, My sisters BF spent £200 on his, same webbook, and its really awsome, its running ubuntu which is annoying, but you can out vista on there if you pay an extra £20 for a RAM upgrade,

still bloddy foor for 99GBP

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And it can have a 80GB Hdd and upto 4GB Ram (Although it will only use 3.5GB)

Elonex's £99 version is already on sale over the internet. It has signed … Elonex's £99 version is already on sale over the internet. It has signed a deal to provide M&S and Next with netbooks with colourful designs and "fashion" covers, though these higher-spec machines are likely to cost nearer £200.

still @ 7" & virtually zero memory or HDD/SSD ?

1t+ @ £129:

• Display: 7” Widescreen 800 x 480 LCD
• Processor: 400MHz Linux Optimised MIPS Code 8 Processor
• Storage: 2GB Flash SSD
• Memory: 128MB DDR2
• Connectivity: Integrated Wi-Fi
• OS: Linux, Preinstalled software suite
• I/O: 3xUSB, RJ45, Mic, Audi In & Out
• Card Reader: Push Push SD CardSlot
• Weight 650g

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alright alright, calm down lol
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