new nokia n96

    i just got s new nokia n96 as an upgrade from vodafone i to be honest i dont think i like it, all ive done is put my sim in it and played around with it for 15 mins or so and thats it, put it back in the box.

    im not putting this in the trade section yet as im just putting a feeler out to see what kind of phone i could possibly get if i did end up wanting to swap it, ie is my n96 worth a blackberry storm? or samsung tocco ultra etc? as i want to do some homework on some different models before i do anything, thanks in advance for any suggestions


    Should have got the N95 8GB mate.

    I love mine big style.


    no one likes the n96 so you'll have trouble shifting it. I've got n95 8gb too and love it also

    don't get the storm nobody likes it, too complicated
    the tocco ultra is not the best as the value of it is going down fast

    i also have a n95 8gb but would swap for the n96 if your ever interested
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