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    Hi my mums pc has started beeping so I've told her its time for a new one.
    Can antone recommend one for her she wants to spend about £300 not including a monitor .She would need quite a big memory as she hasnt learned to delete stuff that she doesnt need,and only really uses it for the internet which she has on for about 10 hours a day.She needs it before the week is out as she is back in work on monday so dell is out of the window.
    any further questions please ask


    go to pcworld ask for a base unit only around £300, should be able to get one with at least a 160GB hard drive which should be more than enough for a casual user - thats to get one quickly anyways!

    Update: Just noticed you said no to Dell, but I still think that is your best option. It is worth the wait.

    There are loads of Dell base units on this site, just select a Merchant of Dell (or select the Topic Computers) and you find many Dell offers.

    With the Dell site it is easy to deselect the monitor (although you only save about £88 by de-selecting the 19" monitor so it may be best to include it if it is better than the monitor she has. )

    Here are some…35/…00/…hz/

    For your consideration

    ]http//ww…609 £298.41.
    Ebuyer do a next day delivery service which will bring it in around £310 with delivery.There is also a £75 cashback deal with HP systems,so further savings can be had.

    Hope this helps:)

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    she couldnt wait so ended up going comet and getting an acer 2gb duel core,250gb harddrive and a 19inch monitor for £399.she was happy and i thought that it was good for what she wanted.
    cheers for the suggestions guys rep on its way.
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