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    I know little about computers, in the past I have just bought one off the shelf, but I realise that these days people often "build" them to their specification.
    I want SSD, support for at least 4 monitors. Plenty of ram. I'll be using it to stream pictures and live trading data. Any advice? Where can I go for reasonably priced gear?



    ssd has nothing to woth monitors btw

    Not really sure why you need lots of ram unless you're editing video or running a lot of virtual machines. 16GB should be plenty enough for you. Unless you're playing games you can plug in multiple cheap GPUs which you don't need to sli.

    It's all about doing your homework when in comes to finding parts that suit your needs, lots of reading I'm afraid, once you find the parts just use google shopping to find the best price from a retailer with good reviews.

    If your looking at multiple monitors you might want to look at those with DisplayPorts v1.2 or higher as you can daisy chain them, how many depends on the resolution, with v1.2 you can chain 4 monitors at 1920x1080 @60Hz.

    Good luck, hardest thing about building a PC is if you get faulty hardware, finding the part that's at fault is a pain oO bought my sons pc from here ,good prices

    Why do you want 4 monitors? you're gonna need a big desk lol

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    Why do you want 4 monitors? you're gonna need a big desk lol

    Thanks for all replies folks. Lots of live data to keep an eye on 4 screens modest compared to some of my counterparts

    You can buy a i3 desktop (£155) with used second hand GTX 750 Ti graphic card (£65) + 240-250GB SSD for your boot drive (£65) + extra 4GB RAM (£15) for around £300.

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