Found 14th Jun 2007

A friend wants a new PC.

Desktop, with reasonable grahics for gaming.

Im thinking Dell but there dont seem to be many new hot deals for them

He did stipulate that it has a core 2 duo processor,, He has seen the ads sigh....

Anyone know of any good Dell deals?

edit (I did do a search and have seen Mike Ts deals) I might get my friend to stretch to the 520 but Can anyone tell me which is the better processor?

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core processor 5600+


Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 Processor (2.13GHz,1066MHz,4MB cache)

Or are they much of a muchness?

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Does the £400 include a monitor?...if so you'll be hard pushed to get a gaming PC for £400...suggest you google for CPU performance comparisons ...myself I'd go for a Core 2.

Original Poster

400 does include a monitor yea. I did tell him that he had high expectations!

What sort of gaming is he planning to do? With that sort of budget and including a monitor it wont be able to handle anything even approaching cutting edge. But if he just pootles around on older games then it shouldn't be much of a problem.

Also, generally speaking Intel wins hand for performance at the mo and in this particular case you'd have to be crazy to favour the AMD for performance alone, the intel walks all over it (particularly if you're overclocking). Although the AMD option is kinder on the wallet once you factor in motherboard etc. (AMD supporting mobos tend to be cheaper).

For £400, your going to be looking at a lesser CPU. The Core2 4300 is around £70, will fit the budget much better. The choice of graphics card is probably more important, as given the budget you will only get a decent mid-range graphics card.

I'd look to get either a GeForce 7600 GT or a Radeon X1950 for that budget (the best cards at the moment in the £50 - £80 sector), and a 2GB pair of ram.

A 19" flat panel is going to cost around £100, so when you factor in cpu (~£70), motherboard (~£40), ram (~£45) you will be left with only about £150 to buy graphics card, hard drive, dvd-rw, case, psu and any other peripherals you need. So a self build would be possible, but you wouldn't get an OS in there for the price.

As for Dell deals, you will probably be able to get their cheapest current dual-core setup, then add a decent graphics card seperately (don't pay for the Dell graphics upgrades mind, very overpriced). The £290 system they had recently was excellent value but be warned you might need to also upgrade the PSU before fitting a high-powered graphics card...

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Many thanks for all the advice.

Im tempted by this to get him going:…m-/

I am looking for a machine that can handle half life 2 & Battlefield 2 really. Nothing better than that.

aria have that deal on a pci express Radeon X800 GT all in one card. Not state of the art but near mid range performance and only about £33 plus VAT. Includes a ton of stuff like built in freeview, remote control etc. Not vista compatible though hence the price but for many vista is a no go for some time. I'm not expecting to upgrade to vista for a couple of years yet and by then you could pop in a different graphics card into your dell or whatever PC.

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Went for this dell deal in the end…856

will get him a new g card at some point


Went for this dell deal in the … Went for this dell deal in the end get him a new g card at some point

Bad move only vista basic, hope you went for the xp version.
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