Found 2nd Mar 2007
Looking for a new pc and looked at lots and on ebay cant seem to find one i like and with a good spec. Looking for:
Core 2 Duo - The faster the better
Gaming case - Got to have the look
150 - 200GB HDD
1-2GB of ram
Decent graphics card as only know about nvidia really.
Maybe monitor but not important but looking for a really cheap 20"-22" on for lowest price, anyone got anything in this range?
Prices ive seen are around £350-£600 so within this range would be good.

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Do you know how to overclock or even build your own?

In fact if you had been reading these forums the last 2 days you would have seen a great bargain.

Core 2 duo, 1gb ram, 160gb hard drive, massive 22" monitor, Vista premium etc all for about £450!!!! You could have then put in a very good x1950pro card for just £117 and you would have had one heck of a little system mate. The upgrade the card to a DX10 card nearer winter time as you would not lose much value on the graphics card when selling it on.

You can still get the same system but not with the 22" monitor as they have pulled that deal off, I think it now comes with a 19 or 20" monitor.

The only problem is it does not have any overclocking potential which kind of defeats the reason behind purchasing the e4300.

But if you could build one yourself and overclock, for £600 you could get one of the fastest machines around.

yep as beerman says build your own and get a real wizzy PC with your choice of case...if that's the path you wish to take I'm sure beerman will give you excellent guidance on component purchase.

I received a PM, he doe snot know how to build.

I decided the best way to go would be to visit a few local computer shops and ask them how much they charge to build you a PC using your own parts. Ask them how much they would charge for the list of parts he would have, then see how much they are online. Buy the cheapest then get them to build it, oh and I also told him to be cheeky and ask them to overclock it for him while they are on the job.

What does overclocking do?


What does overclocking do?

You get to fry parts of your computer:) If you Don't do it right:?


You get to fry parts of your computer:) If you Don't do it right:?

I don't know about AMD but I've had no trouble overclocking Intels 50%, on air, without frying them, eg
Celeron 300MHz -> 450, 500 -> 750 and (my current PC) P4 1.6 -> 2.4.

Due to the low heat output of the core 2 duo you can get good safe clocks on air without any worries about killing them.
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