New PC

    Hi Guys and Girls

    I am new to posting :w00t:

    But have been lookin on this site for ages ;-)

    So do any of you know any good deals at the min for PC's

    I remeber seeing this one…22-

    But i missed it :cry: :cry:

    So yer there the kind of features i am looking for within a PC

    The most important binging-

    Intel Core 2 Quad-Core Processor
    500GB Hard Drive
    2048MB Ram
    22" Monitor

    So anyone know any similar offers?


    Original Poster


    This is still working:…585

    Change the Hard drive for the 500 GB Hard drive, and add a 22" Monitor and it totals out @ £663.94 which is cheaper because the graphics card isn't that Nvidia 8600 GTS.

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    Nice one mate!!

    I missed that :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :w00t:

    try i ordered from them the other day they are very cheap.
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