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Found 11th Feb 2009
Hi guys, I used to be a bit of a PC nut but have been out of the loop for a few years so need a bit of advice for choosing a new PC.
I don't require a monitor as i'll be hooking it straight upto my HDTV, that's the setup i've got at the moment and it's working well.
My current PC has a 2ghz processor, now i've noticed these new dual-core ones often only run at upto 2.5 ghz, but as there's 2 of them does that mean they run together so in actual fact you're getting 5ghz of power? If so how do quad ones work, are they the same or do they really only come into there own when multi-tasking?
Ideally i'd like a fairly future proof one so i'm not having to add much anytime soon, i'm not much of a gamer only really Football Manager but a dedicated graphics card would be nice.

Any help much appreciated, it just seems they've gone up a bit since I looked before xmas.

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dual core means they can do 2 things at 2.5ghz each, not 1 thing at 5ghz. check out core2duo e8400

You have a 2Ghz CPU, but in fact some of the DualCore and QuadCores actually run SLOWER than that (1.6Ghz for example).

The problems was that CPUs were getting too hot, so to reduce the heat they slowed them down, but made them 2 core and 4 core.

Note that not all software can take advantage of 2 cores and 4 cores so even though you may have a 2 core CPU it wont automatically run twice as fast (and a quad core wont run 4 times as fast).

If you want to be fututre proof I guess you should go for the new Intel Core i7 CPUs that have just come out. They need a special type of motherboard and wont work on the "older" motherboard for Core2Duo etc.

They are a bit expensive (just come out) but if you wait a bit the price will come down.

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Cheers for the info, so if I got a duel core system that only ran at 2ghz I would'n't notice a difference unless I was running more than one thing?

only slight, its not just on the ghz tho or number of cores, wouldnt bother with quad unless you video edit and use lot of applications at once. can pick up dual core quite cheap now tho.
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