New PC Build having problems please help

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Found 26th Jul 2008
I have just built a new PC with a Antec 900 case, All the hardware is set up and in place but when I boot the pc the top,rear and side fan work but the front two dont in the drive bays. I am using a modular psu.

Also on Boot I get this message:

reboot and select proper boot device or boot from cd

I am not sure what is going on I started building yesturday afternoon and am getting nowhere please can someone advise me.


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are you using a sata drive?

Have you actully tried putting your OS disk in the drive? If you have and this problem persists go into the BIOS and change the boot sequce so that CD is first. For the first problem, do the fans need to be plugged into the motherboard?

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Yes I am using a Sata drive. All of the case fans use 4 pin molex connectors. The power supply is a modular psu and has a lot of connectors. Its weird If I plug one of the side fans into the top fan molex it works but if I give it its own power it doesnt. I am right in thinking the spiked end goes into the back of the hole end or am I being stupid. Thanks guys.

>reboot and select proper boot device or boot from cd

Because you have no operating system installed your PC will issue this message.

As has been stated, set the CD drive as the first boot device (in the BIOS), then put the CD in the drive, turn OFF the PC then turn it ON again.

When the PC starts up it should look at the CD drive first, find an operating system, and start the Windows instal process.

You MAY get a message saying "press any key to boot from CD". It only displays for a few seconds, as soon as you see it, press any key on the keyboard.

The Windows install will start, and during the install you get the chance to format the hard drive.

During the install your PC may reboot 2 or 3 times. You may get the message again saying "press any key to boot from CD". This time your DONT press any key on the keyboard (if you do the install will start from scratch again).

So you only press a key on the keyboard ONCE during the install (the first time) but not any times after that.

I don't have an ANY key on my keyboard :?

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Ok thanks mate its just the fan problem now.


I don't have an ANY key on my keyboard :?

I have heard that some people do phone up PC support desks and say that they have a message saying "press any key" and they ask where their ANY key is.

I used to teach computer classes all over Europe. Because of that I was always very careful to spell out what EXACTLY the end user had to do during the exercises.

In one exercise I told the students that a certain data entry field they should LEAVE BLANK.

I did the course in Spain once and stood behind a student when he typed "LEAVE BLANK" in the field.

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Thanks for the advice people, I am currently downloading windows update now via a Wireless USB stick such satisfaction with my first build quite proud of myself really again thanks appreciate it :thumbsup:.
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