new pc build??? need a new motherboard??

    hi guys i am currently in the middle of paying for my new pc i have

    i already have a evga 9800gtx and a e8500 processor
    i am looking at buying 4gb 2x2gb xms3 (1333mhz or 1600mhz)
    and i already have a case hard drive etc..(just need the board now!!)
    i have a 750w psu already

    but what motherboard should i but if i wanna run 2 9800gtx (must have 2 true pcie- 2.0 slots runnin both slots at x16 and not x8) mode and with 4 ddr3 slots???


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    hey tim thats a ddr2 board

    Two 16x PCI-E 2.0 slots is a little overkill for 9800GTXs isn't it?

    DDR3 is a lot more expensive and offers no performance advantage unless you're planning to do some serious overclocking (600+FSB), are you sure about going for it?

    Will the cards be running in SLI or not? i.e. Are you trying to put lots of power onto a single monitor or are you running a dual-monitor gaming setup with a card per monitor? If you do want SLI then you'll need an nvidia chipset-based board.
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