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Found 20th Oct 2007
Hi guys, looking for any help and advise you can give a non techie. The wife has given me the greenlight to buy a new pc but not being the technical type i aint really sure whats best. I have a budget of about £600 ( brownie points for the less i spend !!! ) and play games like Tiger Woods, medal of honour and battlefront. I don't want to mess up and get this wrong hence the plea to all you kind HUKD members out there who can help out an old non techie.
Cheers in advance :?

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Does that price include a monitor?

Would you be willing to pay a retailer to build and test the pc for you? ie [url]www.overclock.co.uk[/url]

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Sadly it does include a monitor as the one i have is a 15in hp pavillion that has seen better days. I would be open to any suggestions coz as i said i don't want to get this wrong and be stuck with a fossil for the next couple of years. Whichever has the best value and performence then i don't really mind where i get it from. ;-)

Off the top of my head:

Case with PSU: £70
LGA 775 mobo and C2D cpu: £180ish
400gb hdd: £50
2gb ram: £50
gf8 gfx: £150
dvd-rom/hdd drive £25
22" lcd: £180

Total: £705

Make the cuts where your see fit

Have a gander on overclock

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Cheers bud, appreciate the advise. I'll have a look on overclock and see what i can find. If not do you know if the dell xps 210 is any good ??

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Thanks guys. All appreciated and gives me some homework for this afternoon. This is my first post and as I said being a non techie I just don't want to get this one wrong.
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