New PC needed

    Hi all,

    After a machine for a max of £850. Needs to include the machine, monitor, 2.1 speakers, keyboard and mouse.

    Will be used for general office work, and playing MS Train Simulator.

    Many thanks.


    Why are you spending £850 on a PC if that's all you're using it for? You could get one for £300!


    If that link works, it'll take you to a Dell Dimension with a 17" monitor for £329. I can't imagine speakers being much more expensive to add on to that.

    Original Poster

    its not for me. Not my money so I dont care lol

    They want a good spec machine which will last around 4 years

    That's crazy!

    Very crazy. The most I'd spend on a machine for those purposes is £500.


    C']playing MS Train Simulator.

    Yes! Someone else who actually likes the game! :w00t: :w00t:
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