New Pc needed, help please!

    I ideally need new pc but testing waters on cost.

    I would like a Dual Core processor, firewire card, wireless card built in, 2048 ram, 120/160gb hard drive. 256mb graphics would rather it wasnt onboard. although onboard not mind so much as long as it has a spare PCI-E slot to upgrade in the future. Im thinking maybe a dell would be best as i can customise it to what i want pretty much.

    As for monitor one in with it or one without i would consider,

    Need an idea for price so i can work on my bloke to get me a new one!!!



    dont know if this helps:-…/PCs,+Laptops+&+PDAs/GATEWAY/GT5042B/displayProduct.jsp?sku=SB03158[/url]

    I have the same one. I paid £23 for 2gb of memory somewhere off here and already had 256mb graphics card. It has 4 pci slots free, lots of usb ports (8) and 2x 2.8ghz processors and works like a dream, the HD sound card sounds really good and same with the graphics. Good luck!.

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    Thanks for that, it looks ok but would i void the warrenty opening it up to put in the new memory?
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