New PC Quad or I7 Processor

    Can someone help me.

    My PC (BLESS IT) is on it's last legs. I know it is going to die and I am being strong in front of it. But alas I will have to find a replacement.

    I am after a Quad core or I7 Processor PC. I just need help on 2 things.

    A: When is the best time to buy a PC? Before or after Christmas.
    B: Where does the best deals?

    Help, I am trying to hide my treachery in front of my PC, but it will know if I keep hunting in front of it!



    Personal opinion, but as the i7 CPUs have just come out you are going to pay WAY over the odds for them.

    Intel always overcharge when they bring out new CPUs (because of their rarity value) and in 6 months they will probablay be half the price.

    Original Poster

    Cool, thx, need one soon so probably gonna have to go Quad.
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