New PC - Recommended Dealer?

    Since 1996 I've built my own PC's. Even though this can be quite satisfying saying "I built that", they're nearly always a pain in the bottom somewhere down the line. My current PC was built 5 years ago in a HUGE Thermaltake case but is really showing its age and I haven't got the time, patience or iclination to build another. I'd like to buy an "off-the-shelf" solution but keep seeing negatives.

    Dell - Non-standard and difficult to upgrade (i.e. small PSU's)
    Mesh - The deals look great, some even get awards but there are plenty of Mesh horror stories that are putting me off
    Evesham - Got my mum one 2 years ago, great PC but company is virtually bust
    OcUK - Some great spec base units but I don't want to give my money to a bunch of brown shirts
    PC World / Dixons etc - Er ... I'm not that desperate!

    So can anyone recommend a trustworthy, reliable PC retailer that could furnish me with a new PC for a budget of about £1,000?

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    >Evesham - Got my mum one 2 years ago, great PC but company is virtually bust

    The company DID go bust. It was taken over by the Asian guy who took over Time and Tiny.

    Steer WELL clear of Evesham.

    Why not buy a barebones PC (case, motherboard, CPU, memory already put together) and then add the bits you want (hard disk, DVD drive, graphics card, operating system)

    That way it is a sort of half build.

    How about Dell?

    Original Poster

    Dell would be OK (my son has one) but they're too restricted with small PSU's / bespoke motherboards etc meaning that I probably wouldn't be able to upgrade the CPU / Graphics in a couple of years time. I've always looked on Dell as "sealed units".

    Barebones sounds OK but can anyone recommend a vendor?

    I'm going to buy a PC after building one myself soon as well. At the moment are looking pretty good, although I've never bought from them before.

    i got my new one from [url][/url]

    no probs with it:P and was cheap
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