new pc to sony tv not working

    Cant get a signal ,only black screen,I set this pc up on a different sony tv before xmas as a present,now when i connect to my sons tv through hdmi cable,all i get is black screen.?


    have you got the correct hdmi input selected on the tv?

    Can you confirm other devices work through that HDMI socket. Also have you tried a different HDMI cable?

    Some TVs only take PC signal through a certain HDMI socket, and not them all.

    Try restarting the PC with cables plugged in

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    I can confirm that I have tried 2 hdmi cables ,also selected the right hdmi on tv remote.
    Hdmi port 1 and 2 have been tried on a 1 year old led sony tv .These ports work no problem for his ps4
    Before xmas it worked no problem on a different tv.

    try putting the tv in gaming mode and what resultion is ur pc in.

    Try it using VGA cable. See if you can get into it and let it run updates. It could be a graphics card driver issue.

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    I will try a few things and get back thanks all

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    Got sorted,sorry all.i had the hdmi plugged into motherboard hdmi socket,instead of the graphics card hdmi socket .all back up and running .thanks

    Haha. Glad you got it sorted.

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    Haha. Glad you got it sorted.

    I was thinking the worst,i thought it was totally broke ,i even took the side panels off and checked all connections and refitted the graphics card until i realised my stupid fault.But son is happy now that its working again.Big thanks all ,for your time and advice
    Spot on
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