New PC with SATA HDD. What to do with my old IDE drives?

    I've got a shiny new PC with a 250GB internal SATA drive. My old one had 2 160gb IDE drives in there. I'm swapping one for a 80gb I also have around for when I decommision and sell the old machine but what do I do with the remaining 160 drives. Do I...

    1. Buy a big new SATA one and transfer them over. Then flog the 2 x 160s
    2. Buy an external enclosure or 2 and stick it in there as a USB drive
    3. Buy a IDE to SATA converter and stick them inside my new machine...

    All advice welcome. Cheers.


    buy a 500Gb Sata and transfer them, then stick them both in caddys and sell them... you will cover the cost of the sata

    Do you have 2 identical 160GB IDE drives? A ]raid controller would be a good idea - then you could make either a fast (striped) or secure (mirrored) array..

    Failing that ebuyer have caddies for ]£11 each

    Original Poster

    Actually, one is a 120 sorry so not identical. bazzaric - caddies look about £15 delivered on ebay. Would I really get that back plus drive cost (About £40 for 500gb?)

    2 of the caddies above and a ]500GB samsung 16mb sata drive works out £66.47 delivered from ebuyer. So you would need to make £33 for each external drive (possible but then brand new 500gb external drives are only a little over £50)


    eat them

    Ok, I didn't mean you would make the whole amount back, but re-coup some costs!!

    if you go the enclosure route, i have a neon icy box do-dacky you can have for £10+postage:…175


    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice all. May well got the £66 ebuyer option... Thanks again.
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