New Philips Hue?


    Does anyone know if there Philips are due to release new Hue kit?
    I've spent the last few months debating about buying Philips Hue and decided to take the plunge. Ordered a led strip and the £59 starter kit Nd the starter kit didn't get delivered as out of stock despite website showing it was in stock.
    Looking around other sites finding a lot of the hue kit now appears to be out of stock. Is this a sign of new bridges and starter kits to come and if so I wander when? I don't want to buy the bridge 2 and see a 3 come out and the 2 prices plummet or miss new features.

    I've tried to google it and can only find info on the 2 release last year.

    If anyone knows thatd be pretty awesome.



    hue one still works fine,depends if you're linking with anything else,personally I'd buy the 2 gen hub and wait and see,check maplin,amazon warehouse deals and cex,for used stuff..the hue bulbs are almost bulletproof,I blew the socket and the bulb is far as feature differing between one and two...only difference is in setting scenes via alexa.hope that helps.

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    Ye would like a 2 over a 1. But don't want to buy it is a 3 is due out

    There's no news on a 3rd gen, can't imagine what extra it could offer anyway

    There is already a thread about Hue ... Here

    They have the second generation bulbs... The "richer colours". It's that what you ordered?

    I am interested in buying these at some point.
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