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Hey Guys!!!

I am currently on £15 a month FLEXT 20 (Should be £20) and I think the price is ok. But its an 18 month contract which i find too long. I want to spend about £15-20 a month with a 12th month contract...but i want a phone with possible GPS built into it. I wouldn't mind paying a little bit for the phone either.

Anyone got any ideas or if they even have a similar deal themselves???

Thanks Sam


Not many phones have GPS and I doubt you'd get one for that price. You'd be better just getting an N95 off of ebay for about £180 I reckon.

Im on a £18 a month contract with 3 network (some people dont like them, they are the best coverage in my area). £18 a month gives you 500 mins/texts plus 300 mins to other 3 network users.

My hubby's is also with 3 but his is £15 a month for 500 mins only. I dont think this one exists now but I just changed mine to the one above in February, so it may still be on.

I dont know what phone's they are. The higher the packages (more expensive) the better the phone is.

Dont know if it is any help.

Carephone warehouse often do shop deals that are not online, so maybe if you popped in there too.


n95 or n95 8gb or nokia 6110 navigator.

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n95 or n95 8gb or nokia 6110 navigator.

Do you know if the 6110 navigator has GPS for sure???

Thanks everyone. It has helped

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Hey guys
Thanks for responses!

He said if i get the N95 then it would probably cost me £60! Not sure whether to get it though. I have been lokking at the windows mobile phones like
But i want a good camera with flash etc.

But I could get the N95 but i have heard people having problems with it e.g freezing etc

In a real pickle atm. Could get a phone without gps then get a receiver maybe? Get a phone with a decent size screen like:

Or maybe just get a cheap sat nav

ahhhh decisions decisions decisions!
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