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Hi I have come to the end of my contract with 02. I currently pay £35 per month.

Could anyone give me any pointers on some good deals? Thanks


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i was paying £25 with 02 and when i was about to leave (> 1 year ago) they offered £15 per month, 200 mins 100 texts. some people have done better but i am about to finish my contract soon anyway so we'll see.

you should shop around first as there are deals going around, and be prepared with some figures when you call to leave.


Hi some guy the other day posted a mobile contract comparison site i found it great, i think it was something like [url]www.mobilecontracts.net[/url]


if you have a decent phone already get a sim only contract, their usually cheaper (as your not paying for a new phone) and you get more minutes and texts than on standard contracts with a phone

It depends what you're after.

IMHO - cashback deals with reputable companies are best as (with quidco) you end up being paid to take a phone and 12 month contract.

However if you don't fancy that then as mentioned above you can get SIM only deals from £10 with no tie-in.

If you want an all singing, all dancing new phone then I've no idea. :-D
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