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    Hey HUKDers

    Well, my contract is about to run out in a week or so and i'm looking for a new phone. My current phone has completely died 2 weeks ago (sony Erricson C903) and currently im paying £20 with 3 for 300 min/text (1 text is 1 min) and then i also pay £5 a month for internet. This is a rubbish deal i know.

    I want to keep my price in the £25 region, and i would like a good smart phone (i can't afford iphone). Also preferably not a 24month contrat (thats just too ,long!) I dont text that much maybe 20 a month, but i do use the minutes, infact ive been going over my limit. I would like a smart phone with apps etc and also internet, but i dont know how much internet i would need, would be nice to have unlimeted so i dont need to worry.

    My friend at work has a HTC desire and that looks awesome - are there any other phones as good as that or better?

    3 arn't the best provider of coverage in my area - i cant go into our shopping centre/bus station without losing signal, so there is no love lost there, but if a deal was good enough i could be persuaded - plus i'll have ammunition when i ring to cancel.

    I know it may sound like i want to earth for nothing, but come on, this is HUKD and it can be found - it's on here

    Any help would be great, thank in advance guys :):)


    I've looked at the Desire but decided its to expensive - £25 for 24m too much 4 me

    Not going for the San Francisco
    Review here: http://****/gKf4H7

    Deal here: http://****/hAe5lv


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    What links are they tinyurl?

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    nope not tinyurl

    just got off phone with vodafone this morning can get HTC HD desire 18 month contract 25 quid per month with 300 mins unltd txt and internet - have to pay 80 quid for phone tho.

    Links are b i t . l y
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    What about this:- i can get a free xbox elite and kinect with it too. 24 month contract tho boo…s_8

    Hmmm - the defy is v similar to the San Francisco (SF) - be good to find another similar priced phone running Android 2.2 AND have a decent camera - something I read in the SF reviews they thought unneccesary, yt the Defy review say its a shame its only 2.1

    I don't like that the SD card is under the battery tho but depends what the sync s/w is like - on my old phone it always wanted to sync all my Outlook stuff, thos my current HTC will let me just look at the file manager which is much better

    T-Mobile 600 Data - 24 months
    does that include free web then? Can't see it mentioned

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    no me either - i wondered that

    Look here:…D=3

    Says Data Bundle included as Flexible Booster - changeable every 30 days

    Flexible Boosters:

    Your tariff is inclusive of a flexible booster which gives you unlimited texts for your tariff duration (subject to a fair usage policy of 3000) You are eligible to change this booster after 30 days of connection. T-mobile offer 3 boosters, Unlimited Texts, Unlimited Internet, Unlimited mins to t-mobile network. (all boosters are subject to a fair usage policy, see t-mobiles t&c's for further information) If you do wish to change this booster with your network after 30 days this will reduce your text allowance and revert back to the standard tariff amount, please contact your network to confirm what the new text allowance will be. You can choose one flexible booster at a time from our current range and it applies from when you make your choice. You can change it once every 30 days, counting from the last time that you changed it. To change your choice of booster, just send us a text with the code of your new choice. We'll send you a text when your new booster is ready to use.

    Still can't find a mention of how much data tho

    Motorola has announced plans to upgrade the Defy to Android 2.2 across Europe in the second quarter of 2011

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    hmmm, its so difficult, just found a real good site for comparing phones, real comprehensive reviews:-…nes might be ok, but i'll never buy a phone based on cashback via redemption - alot more trouble than its worth. At least if you get a free gift, you're guarenteed to getr your gift and either use, gift, or sell on.

    I once got stung by a redemption site, I had to send them copies of my bills like the 4th 7th 13th (very unusual patterns). if you didnt send by recorded delivery, they'd say they hadn't received them. Then, even if you had sent via recorded delivery at the end of period you had to send all your bills to them, yes even the ones you had already sent, and if you hadn't taken photocopies of the bills you already sent, then they weren't obliged to send you your cashback as you hadn't fulfilled all the criteria, and so on and so on. It's a right nightmare.
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    hmm - never had a problem with cashback over the many contracts I've had over the years - carphone warehouse, e2save,, phones4u, dialaphone - most recently it was online billing, so just prinitng off the front pages of the bills they wanted

    My hubby has had many cashback contract too and always got all his cheques

    I hear what ur saying about the free gift tho - good if u need it or can sell it for what its worth in ur deal

    Supalynz - Dec 30, 2010 23:14hmmm, its so difficult, just found a real … Supalynz - Dec 30, 2010 23:14hmmm, its so difficult, just found a real good site for comparing phones, real comprehensive reviews:-

    lol - I pointed u 2 techradar in my 1st reply

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    hahaha, so thats how i found it! It's a great site Thanks for all your help
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