New phone line and broadband - advice please?

    I have moved into a new place without a phone line. I need to get a new line installed and get broadband. I will never actually make any calls, it is purely to get a broadband internet connection.

    I am in a part of London that isn't in a cable or Virgin area, so it has to run over the BT network

    Please can someone advise me on the cheapest way of getting this sorted (preferably avoiding line installation charges). Thanks!


    If there no line there there no way you'll avoid the install change, sorry.
    My lads just had the Post office install his (they can it on their own just like BT). Install was £107 which is cheaper than BT by a little...

    Until 30 June you can get free bt installation, this is saving you £122.50. This applies to new customers, returning customer and if you need a second line fitted. To get this offer you have to sign up for a 18 months contract instead of the usual 12 months also you would need to make 10 calls a month these can be inclusive calls. Go to link below for more details.
    To get this offer ring 0800 800 150, lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 8am to 8pm, Sunday 9am to 6pm. Just request for the new line free connection offer

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    TheFox - thanks for your advice. The only problem is the minimum 10 calls per month thing ... I am often out of the country for several months and never use a landline to make calls, so it's very unlikely I will make 10 calls each month for the entire term of the contract. Even then, I still need to sort out broadband ....

    I was looking at TalkTalk as they seem to have a decent phone line and broadband package package, but they want to strap me into a 2 year contract (not 18 months as on their site because i am getting a new line installed ... they always have to be awkward!!) if I get a new line installed from them. They charge £59.99 for new line installation. Phone line rental + calling package + 40gb broadband = £17.74 per month. This isn't bad I suppose, but a 2 year contract for a decent but not amazing rate rate ... I'm not sure ...

    Don't sky do free install if you join them? I don't know if that's something you wanted to do OP?

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    Sky do a free install!!?? But wouldn't I also have to take out their pricey TV package and all that?


    Sky do a free install!!?? But wouldn't I also have to take out their … Sky do a free install!!?? But wouldn't I also have to take out their pricey TV package and all that?

    I think you can take out their basic tv package which i think is about £16.50 a month

    The Post Office one has no minimum term but if I remember rightly (set up for mum a few months ago as she was in same situation), their deal is very good for the broadband anyway.

    sky is doing a new phone line sky and internet and free calls after 6pm and weekends to house phones for £26.50 pcm which is realley good at bt want just £127 jst to pt in a phone line and then u have to pay £12 pcm with out the free calls ? just ring up and say u need a phone line

    If you move into a house that has had a BT connection,, will it still be subject to a connection charge as such?

    If it is and you opt for the 18 month deal, what type of calls need to be made
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