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    Can anybody advise on getting a new phone or upgrading with o2? I am due an upgrade or, of course, can cancel my contract and move on. I want to keep my number, that's quite important to me, and I'm happy with my K750i.

    I'd like at least a couple of hundred texts and just a good free minutes offer - cross network or whatever, not too fussy. I'd like a good phone that I can sell on via Ebay!


    LG Chocolate, K800i and W810i all sell on eBay for a high price. Althouh I don't recommend getting the W810i as there isn't much difference between it and the W800i really.

    I have been with O2 for about 6 years - but alas it has come to an end....

    Thier best offer was 500 x-net mins & 500 texts for £20 per month ! Plus I would have to pay £79 for the new K800i....

    Just ordered it from Orange for free, 600 x-net mins & UNLIMITED texts for £35 per month - bargain !!!!!!

    you can try calling O2 retentions 08000288151 as posted in,…958

    otherwise look for new contract in other network, then port you number across. 3 offer very value tariffs.

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    Yeah, I rang retentions, they were a bit useless. £50 to get an 800i or something equivalent. 'nads to that.

    These deal are 12 months free on a 12 month contract. You won't get much, if anything, forr the poor phones which come with them but the company is very reliable for cashback and £32.50 profit can be made if you purchase via QuidCo ([url][/url])

    Here's the links:

    Nokia 6030
    Siemens C75
    Motorola L6
    Nokia 3120 feedback

    If you aim to sell on via eBay then Motorola L6 is probably best bet and will maybe fetch you around £30 I think??

    Oh yeah, all offers have 400 x-net minutes and 100 texts per month on o2.

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    Cheers, Duck - I'll have a think!
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