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Found 28th Jan 2007
Getting panasonic plasma delivered next month.

Anyone recommend any decent leads for good pictuer quality.

Dont really know what Im talking about but know these things can cost a lot if you want best possible picture.

Thanks for any help.
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Hello mate.

What are you wanting to connect to your tv?

Check each device and see what connection sockets they have. If the Panasonic is the TX60B then it will have 2hdmi, 3 scart component and vga.

Let me know how you will be connection your dvd player, video, sky etc, look at the back of each device, if there are no HDMI sockets then you will have to go scart or component, you will only be able to connect 1 via component and the rest via scart.

If you are connecting via HDMI do not spend more than £10 on a lead as you will not get any benefit from rip off big names, all leads are as good as each other.

Scart is different. But again do not spend more than £15-£20 for a decent one. No difference between a £20 lead and a £50 lead. In scart you want one which states at least 99% oxygen free, individually shielded wires and gold connectors.

These would be perfect for your scart connections:


And if you are connection via HDMI this is about the right price:

If you choose to connect your dvd player via component (best option if you don't have a HDMI socket), then this is a a possible choice for you:

Thanks for replies.

Its the Panasonic Viera TH42PX60.

Looking to connect Dvd player and Wii to it initially.

Ok mate, yeah thats the model tv I meant the PX60 but I typed TX60, doh!

As for the dvd player, check to see which connections are on the back. If it has HDMI go for that first, if not go with component and lastly go with scart. All three I have listed in my links above.

As for the Wii I have no idea mate, I have never seen one so do not have a clue what connections are on this console. I am sure someone who has one can tell you the best way to connect it.
Found this page regarding wii


Says component cable is the best possible signal you can use.

Thanks again mate.

Bargain price here mate. No need to spend mega bucks on a cable that is only pushing out 480p at max. This company is one the best to deal with too.

yeah thats a bargain cable that! i bought one that looks just like that from ebay for about £10... It does the job and certainly was an improvement.

Nice choice in TV too, we have one of them, and the Wii looks pretty good on it. We have a hdmi dvd player on it too (only a cheapo) and a couple of scart devices (ntl box). NTL looks ok on it, but its only a cheap cable.

DVD player and Wii look great. £13 hdmi cable (cant really go wrong there) and wii on component.

you only have one componant on back of plasma, id probably put wii into that, and invest in a hdmi dvd player if you havent got one... that or one with VGA output, i think ive seen a couple of them around.
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