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Found 12th Sep 2017
I want to open a private pension. I have a previous employer group pension with Standard Life which has £10500. I also have a new NEST pension with current employer who only match 1%. The fees seem quite high with NEST compared to some SIPPS and Personal pensions. Would a SIPP with either a Van Guard Target Retirement 2050 Fund or Lifestyle fund be a better option? I am 32 years old and plan to put away £300 a month. Thanks
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I can't give advice on which pension provider - as long as they are regulated they will all be fine . I'm sure you are aware that the £300 you are planning to put into your pension scheme is tax free ,so effectively you would be putting £360 a month into your fund . So its a "No Brainer " a 20% upfront uplift on your contributions . (You pay the provider £300 they claim the £60 tax from HMRC and add the £60 to your £300 contribution each month =£360 (assuming you are a basic rate taxpayer .

This site is not the best place to come to for specific advice too many members like to have their say on financial matters they haven't a clue about If you cant decide the best provider yourself have a one off session with an IFA (probably cost £100 ish) for advice . Rest assured starting a pension at any age with whatever sum is a no brainer given the upfront 20% tax uplift .
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