New PSP Console Wanted .... Any Help Appreciated

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Found 14th Nov 2006

I just bought Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories from play.com when it was £19.99, I also at the same time bought GTA Liberty City Stories too, (£14.99).

So I have 2 games and no PSP console!!

I want a new PSP ....... I prefer buying in-store but I don't mind online buying.

Thought I will share my research so far:

The cheapest price I can find online is ]http//ww…140 - I have never used sendit, are they okay? - £137.89 delivered, (6% quidco but it says new customers only, so purchase # 2 by me from sendit is unquidcoable)?

The cheapest store option I can see is PC World - ]http//ww…383 - £142.49 with collect at store - (I know I get 3% quidco on collect at store but if I get it delivered home do I get 6%? Delivery is free).

i am not too fussed as to what pack it is, the only real accessory you need is a memory stick, right? I have £18 in CEX vouchers, I am sure I can get some sort of memory stick with those vouchers. I was gonna buy from CEX but their prices (in my opinion) are still very close to the new prices online. - ]http//ww…e=1

Just also to say that I am quidco registered and wouldn't mind using a voucher of some sort ........ I am desperate to play those games ....... will I save money by waiting for the January Sales? ........ A £99.99 PSP isn't likely is it? ................

Haven't seen any Bundle Deals that have really caught my eye, can't go shopping until Thursday (isn't late night shopping an office persons saviour)? Anyone seen any wicked instore deals?

I'll stop my moping now ............ please help me out (I am sure there are others like me waiting for a good PSP deal) ..... I sit there at work thinking about the PSP all day .... '[SIZE=-1]To travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive[/SIZE]' and all that!

Thanks :thumbsup:

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I highly recommend you get a Giga Pack, you'll need it.

As it happens im selling mine, its in pristine condition - £140. Let me know if you're interested

I have a brand new one I won in a comp and will be putting it on ebay for £100 buy it now

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NB - I am looking for retail deals only!

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