New PSP to launch in UK with no TV cables or new colours?

    The new slim and lite version of Sony's PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld console is set to roll out in the UK, but with two new features being absent. Of course, the P2P is still slimmer than the original PSP, but when it launches in shops on September 14th, its video output capabilities will be temporarily useless. While the PSP will be technically able to connect to a TV, the cables that make it possible will be absent.

    The new version of the PSP addresses demand from owners who would like to watch their games and movies on a TV instead of the small PSP screen. PSP gaming on a TV, connected up with a special cable, was demonstrated at E3 this year and is probably the most wanted new feature. However, the cable won't be available in the UK on launch day and there are no indications as to when it will be, a spokesman for national retail chain GAME told GamesRadar.

    Additionally, onbly the black model of the slimmer PSP will be available, while the new colours, ceramic white and ice silver, will not initially be available either. There is no doubt that British PSP fans will be hoping these reports are inaccurate or there has been a big mix up somewhere.

    lol feel sorry for people who preordered if this is true.


    I'm not interested in it until an exploit is released. I'll wait months if I have to, and fat and heavy PSPs will be rather cheap after the release of the Lite anyway. If I wanted to play games on my TV, i'd just use my PS2 LOL

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    exactly scribbles why play a on a t.v when can have a ps2 to do that.
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