Found 10th Apr 2009

I thought they did quite well


Rimmer looks so old!

Its petty . . . . . . but I missed the canned laughter after every cheesy one liner!!!

The ruskie chick was hot though :lol:

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It was funny how in the new ep it looked like they all had used the same hair dye.

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I missed the canned laughter after every cheesy one liner!!!

felt the same :thumbsup:


felt the same :thumbsup:

That kind of gives you a clue when something is supposed to be funny i guess. This wasnt.. Should have stayed in the past when it was sort of good.. :x

well I liked it, and I hope they make more

Dunno if they will, im guessign this will be some kind of pilot to see if theres still a demand for it... After tonights episode im not to sure

i personally liked it! Especially the cat! up to his old tricks still dressing like a PIMP! love it

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/ \

guy on far left looks likes kevin mcleod


guy on far left looks likes kevin mcleod

the everton player?

I thought it had its funny moments. The next 2 episodes are supposed to be the best anyway, this episode was just reintroducing it in a way.

Apparently, from all the pre-reviews, the 1st episode was the worst out of all 3, so hopefully better things to come, havent watched it yet personally, saving them all up for Monday night
Also, with regard to the laughter, it used to be (some of it) filmed in front of an audience, obviously, with them not wanting the story and plot to get leaked they couldnt do that this time.
Don't bash the dwarf, remember it's been like 10 years since the last series, things in TV and the worlld have moved on, if they intend to get the series commisioned for more episodes etc they will need to garner new viewers, us old peeps wont cut the mustard
Oh, and for anyone local to the Norwich area,
Will be there next Saturday for signings etc :thumbsup:


that wasn't in the slightest bit funny, honestly it was the worst 25 mins of tv this year. The other 2 episodes cannot be any worse than the drivel that was spewed out last night but I won't know as I won't be wasting any more time on this and will remember fondly a once funny series.

RIP red dwarf.

Can I watch this online anywhere?

brilliant to see it back, sneezing through a seive (siv, however you spell it) brilliant. Who thinks of that?
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