Send Your Name To Mars On NASA's Next Flight To The Red Planet for Free with NASA

Posted 27th Dec 2022 (Posted 21 h, 53 m ago)…ure

Send your name to Mars in 2026 Your name will fly on a future mission to Mars.
You also get a free printable boarding pass.
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    Make sure you read the small print. You dont want to inadvertantly be signed up to their Colonize Mars Intiative.
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    once the aliens get to mars or intercept the spaceship and you get a knock at the door by arnold scharzenegger, you and your family will be finished
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    There's no printer over there yet.
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    If it crashes into mars there goes your no claims bonus.
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    Will I still need a TV license up there?
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    Mars thought of launching the boarding pass service, but the cost of HP ink subscription made the martians change their mind.
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    and give away my assasination co-ordinates?
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