New Revolutionary Portable PC on the market soon

    A new truely reveloutionary PC will be on the market soon. No doubt that it will get a 'Buy It' stamp in ComputerActive. The final cost is not yet available, but will suit most pockets. The company behind this believes it will revolutionise the way we use our portable computers. An image of this amazing product in use is seen below.


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    I work for a Hospital IT Dept and they are introducing Wireless now and because the Trust don't think the Docs and Nurses can cope with a Portable Tablet PC or Laptop, they are now introducing a C.O.W (Computer On Wheels), nice use of wireless hey? Oh yeah and at Tax Payers expense.

    No joke.

    Hercules to carry that. And what powers it all.

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    Hercules to carry that. And what powers it all.

    Can't you see the lithium battery sticking out of his back pocket?

    he has those shoes that create a current as you walk....the more tasks you start the quicker you need to run....
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