New Ryzen XT processors are listing now

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Just seen that Amazon had this up for a few minutes

3488802-mawX8.jpgand CCL, Scan and Overclockers have them listed now too, but not for sale yet - the Amazon Ryzen 7 above was only for sale for a few minutes.

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honestly i still think the 3600 is the one i’ll go for it’s around £100 cheaper and should see further price cuts. also i don’t think the extra base and boost clocks is worth the premium. already the difference between the 3600 and 3600x is not worth it imo for gaming. also 3300x is also a good option but i would rather pay more for the extra 2 cores
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3900X or 3800XT decisions
rev618/06/2020 20:22

3900X or 3800XT decisions

3900x all the way!
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