new scientist comp : name ocado's robot-communicator - win £100 shop

...Ocado is asking readers to suggest a name for its revolutionary new robot communication system.

The best idea will be rewarded with £100 of Ocado shopping delivered to their home at a time of their choice (or an equivalent prize).


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ocado drivers seem to be under constant surveillance!!

...Each van includes a rugged tablet PC that serves as a general purpose customer information terminal and satnav.

Above that is a windscreen-mounted dashcam with one lens trained on the road ahead and another on the driver to record significant events that may occur.

Below the dash is a wireless GPS unit that uses a cellphone or Wi-Fi signal to beam data to the cloud, including temperature, wheel speed, GPS, engine revs, fuel consumption, what gear the vehicle is in, and speed of cornering.

This is Ocado’s version of the Internet of Things...

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Far too easy

Communicado or Big Brocado'ther

So where do I claim my prize ?

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an ocado driver will be visiting your abode shortly (if you win)


an ocado driver will be visiting your abode shortly (if you win)

Seriously given the events in recent history of allowing the general public to "name" things I'm surprised that companies haven't latched on that it isn't perhaps a good idea and given the nature of what is being named and the recent implementation of the snoopers charter this above all else is the one thing they probably shouldn't be asking Joe Everyman to name. That said, I very much look forward to some LoL's reading the silliest entries as I'm sure the Sun, Star or other rag will make it front page news.

More jobs down the drain

And still they balls it up

I think I may be hearing from Ocado but not because I have won the prize

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they're trying to get a name on the cheap.

if they contracted a PR brand management agency they'd be charged tens of thousands of pounds for focus groups/brainstorming etc.

if i win i think i'll say NO to £100 shop - instead i'll ask for 0.1 p commission for every online ocado customer UNTIL THE END OF TIME!!

Thanks seb. Good luck & Happy New year to you & yours.

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