New series of Minder

    Anyone else seen the C5 trailers for the new series of Minder with Shane Richie as Archie Daley? I'm hoping this will be a worthy successor to the original, and that we might even get George Cole and Dennis Waterman in cameos?? I still love the original series nearly 30 years on, and I think Shane is a great choice to take on the next generation Daley role. Course, it might be a total disaster, so lets hope C5 has done its homework and brought in some class writers and cast. So, whos the Minder this time round??


    Isnt it Ray Winstone?


    It is an actor called Lex Shrapnel…45/

    I read its Ronnie Corbett, ideal in my eyes

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    I think Ray Winstone is pushing it a bit to be anyones Minder!! Just checked and advance publicity says Minder will be played by a Shakepearean actor called Lex Shrapnel. Apparently he played John Tracy in that rubbish Thuderbirds movie. Can't hold that against the guy, looks a bit of a daddy from the photos.

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    Think his brother is Luthor Carnage

    I suppose it says it all that it's going out on C5. Minder used to get audiences of 10/15m in its heyday. Now it's going to be more like 10/15k watching. :-(
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