New site ? Music Magpie .. What do you think ?

    Just seen this new site ...........

    Has anyone had any dealings with them ?

    Musicmagpie is the UKs only web site for turning your old CDs into CASH. If you're making space or have gone digital you can make MONEY from your old CD collection.

    Simply enter the details of your CDs, find out what they are worth and we will send you all the packaging you need to send them in.

    MusicMagpie is FREE

    Purchase second hand CDs at amazingly low prices.

    100's of CDs added daily, all sold with FREE P&P.

    Musicmagpie is the first on-line record store that both buys and sells pre-played music.

    We have thousands of titles on offer at any time, and the range is being constantly refreshed by our purchases, so there will always be a bargain to find just like the good old fashioned independent music store.

    For every pre-played CD we sell the disk will be in perfect playing condition and comes with a full money back guarantee (see terms and conditions). Y
    ou should be aware that, as per any reputable record store dealing in pre-played CDs, while the case will always be structurally sound, it may have some blemishes on it, that you would expect from the historical day to day use of the CD.


    I've just inputted a random 20 CD's of varying (expected) values and it comes up with about a third of what I would expect to get at a car boot and about 25% of what I might get selling privately.

    If you're in a great hurry or just plain lazy then it's probably a reasonably fair site.

    A couple of things to be very careful of is the terms and conditions of sale, basically their word is final and they will charge you if they think the disc OR case is not up to standard. Their minimum standard appears to be excellent so discs with slight marks or scratches may well be contested.

    Secondly they ONLY pay up to £3 for a CD and there are some CD's which fall into collectable or even rare. Make sure you research any discs you are thinking of sending to them.

    Finally this site is new and hopefully will be stable and secure but if you are thinking of sending a lot of Cd's to them make sure you get adequate Postal Cover.
    Virtually all of this operation is reliant on the sites operatives being totally honest and upfront.

    Summary: Sell your CD's privately if you can, you'll make at least 100% more usually and a lot of the time more than that.

    Hope that helps

    Original Poster

    Thanks a bunch hottoshop xx......... Yes your comments were of great help...... I was thinking along the same lines as you but wasn't sure if it was just me being 'picky' as I am told I can be very!
    Think I will give this a miss & revert back to flippin' Ebay etc.. again as I have 100's to get rid of! Thanks again, much appreciated.

    Traded all my old xbox/ps2 games in. Some games I wasn't getting much for but I traded in Fable for the xbox and got £10.00 for it!!! and got the odd fiver here and there depending on the title.

    Have just sent them today..will get back to you on how long they take to pay up!

    How long do they take to send cheques? I've been waiting since last Weds (when they said they would post) but nothing has arrived

    Please note that if you do not follow the above criteria we will … Please note that if you do not follow the above criteria we will unfortunately be unable to accept the item. When this happens, we reserve the right to not pay you for the item and also we will also not be able to return the item so please ensure you follow these guidelines

    lol, they can basically say it wasnt up to their standards..keep the item.. and sell get nothing

    Rubbish, they didn't want my S Club 7 back catalogue :x
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