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Posted 3rd Apr 2019
Had Sky q for over 12 months now and had nothing but issues with my 2 mini boxes losing connection they must have been out 7 times to sort it , they tried a old booster in the bedroom to extend it and worked for a while ? and then the same again, Sky came out today to solve the issues and said they would install there new Sky booster that's just come out and also works with other isp hubs better and you supposed to be able to use the extended Wi-Fi on mobile devices ect ect not got that to work yet but so far its working perfect and signal wise is allot better, cant see any info online yet about it but really happy with it .
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Can I ask did you enter a new contract?

Having so many issues with my minibox disconnecting, have a sky booster box, old version, also but making no difference whatsoever.
Old version of booster didn't work and had them out 6-7 times with the same issues, new booster seems to have brought the high levels down from 7000 to 3000 and seems to be working ok for now we shall see and no im not in contract at the moment and it didn't put me back in one. On a another note when speaking to the complaints department they asked what router I had with Bt as in the last month or so they have found out that some bt hub are causing the issues with something to do with security on it blocking the boxes and they have asked Bt to sort it.
Boosters didn't work here either , ended up wiring an internal ethernet network, solved all the issues, only thing on wifi now is mobile and tablets.
Out of all the times they have come I asked to be hard wired and they always refused even this time, but if it works with the new booster 4 im happy but if not im leaving if they don't hard wire it, I could probably hard wire it myself to be honest .
How much did it cost to have a booster i’m thinking of ordering one potentially?
Booster was free
therocksays5 h, 41 m ago

Booster was free

Ah. Did you enter a new contract after it was set up?
no im out of contract already , sky rep said they are about £60 to buy if you ask for one. When he came today as im still having issues with the mini boxes he hard wired them and needed to replace the new booster as well as the power supply stopped working after only 1 week.
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