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    Can anyone advise what’s the cheapest I can get a Sky Remote for.
    I have seen one including delivery for £10.79 at digibox, is this the cheapest?

    Thanks In advance


    Welcome to HotUKDeals hotuk and Thanks for the post

    I've moved it here, as it's the correct forum for reqesting deals.

    Hi Hotuk,
    If you are near a maplin store you can pick one up for £9.99 .
    Otherwise you need to add postage and will be more than digibox.

    This will get you a sky navigator for just £1.50 delivered, which I'm thinking will replace your normal sky remote as well as giving you a keypad.
    As long as you can still navigate the sky box with some sort of remote or the front box controls, select Interactive then click on Sky active. On the next screen click the box that says 'buy for £1.50' Have your box plugged into your telephone box, select button 1 on your remote and then the 'yes' confirmation button. The £1.50 is the cost of the call for P&P

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    Thanks everyone for your advice.

    Digibox also has a package, Sky Remote and Sky TV Link for £14.79 inc delivery, I ‘m tempted to go for this one.

    Does the Sky Link work like a video sender? If so, what’s the picture quality like as I’m having too much interference with my video sender at the moment and may buy this if it means getting better picture quality.…tml


    Hotuk, you will have to link your Sky box up to the link using coax cable, which means running cables through the house,HTH

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    Thanks fizziebabes, I obviously misunderstood how the link worked, wouldn't like to run cables through the rooms.

    I got myself a new one too over the weekend albeit from a car boot sale locally, risky i know but my dad runs a stall/shop their every week and sorted me out for a fiver!
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