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Found 7th Jun 2009
Anyone know of a way to get this msg to go away apart from pressing backup all the time?! Have phoned sky twice about it - turns out they sent my card to my old address but will take about 5 days for them to send out cards to my correct address. they were supposed to send a signal to box on Friday and said it could take 2-4 hours but still getting msg. Phoned them again today, guy said there was no note on file that they had sent signal to box so he said he would send it again but that was about 5pm and have even tried a hard reset on box and still no joy. I dont have a house phone (Have line but no phone!) so had to phone both times on my PAYG mobile and you know how long sky phone calls take!!

Am p'eed off as it was their mistake in first place that it went to wrong address - I updated my address after I moved last time, and got them to send an engineer out cos my signal at new place was very poor and I threatened to cancel. The engineer then phoned me from my old address so told him my new address and he came up and told me I would have to cut down half a tree in back garden to improve signal (Dont know why he couldnt move dish to other side of building)...And now I have a big blue box in centre of screen making tv barely watchable and both my 3 and 4 year old are trained in hitting the backup button so they can watch their programs. The house has no other reception - I do have an aerial I bought but havent managed to source anyone to fit it at a reasonable price yet as end plan is i get rid of sky as its too expensive!

So if anyone is in AberdeenDundee area and can fit an aerial then let me know! Or an alternative to sky as we dont have cable here!



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so if freesat not just the channels you get on your Sky + box without a subscription? Would the sky + box not work? My tv has freeview built in and I have a freeview HD recorder which I was going to use and then tape all the kids programmes so they can watch wheneber as they are happy to watch same episode of tikkabilla or Something Special over and over again....If it is a specific box will I be able to record stuff on it using my freeview HD recorder? think it plays dvds and maybe records them too but its in a box in attic at moment! Got if off Boffer a while ago!

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Just took my card out of my box so less channels, cant watch or record but no more bloody annoying msg - dont suppose anyone knows a good email address for sky so I can complain? Phone calls via a mobile cost a bomb! Think I have a freesat card I paid £20 for somewhere and as its under 3 years old will have to see if I can get that replaced too

Well you can contact them via message on their site.

Or you could go to bed as it's 4am!:-D
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