New small car wanted, brand new

    I'm looking for a new car, i've been looking at either, Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa, Renault Clio, or Peugeot 207.

    Just wondering if anyone knows of any good deals on cars at the minute, as a friend told me that oct and nov is a good time to buy, not sure whether thats true, but any information any one can give me on said cars or equivalent's would be helpful. Thanks


    you should check out drive the deal, their prices are good and if you are lucky you can get your local dealer to match or get close to price , if not I have bought 2 caes from them in the last 5 years an audi and just purchased a ford kuga very good service.

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    Hi, i just had a look at that site, found it a tad confusing but i'll try using it for a little longer, i found this site before though called and an offer on a clio:…lio, the top offer that is. im just unsure whether this is a good price. Can anyone help?
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    hi-i posted an offer the other day for renaults - tax free -…436

    went freezing cold - but no one said why ? i looke dbefore i posted and the prices seemsed good - might be worth a look if you go for the clio

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    Thanks, great help

    As a left field suggestion check out the Mitsubishi Colt superminis which are often available on really low deals. They are a good quality well equipped car for far less than the bigger brands.

    Try giving your nearest dealer a ring and see how far you can twist his arm!
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