New solar flares.......Becksdawe,joggerspark & cyrus

    Just looked at the members list sorted by posts and noticed that we have a few recent new solar flares,who i don't think have been congratulated yet,(please correct me if i am wrong) so.........…gif
    To Becksdawe,joggerspak and cyrus


    Thanks bazr :-D My guys & gals thanked me on the weekend thread hence no thread of my own :thumbsup:

    Congratulations all 3 of you. :thumbsup:

    When's the party and where????
    well done you 3 keep up the valuble contrabutions!



    well done you 3 keep up the valuble contrabutions!

    Valued - me - who are you kidding :giggle:

    When's the party and where????

    You's - Saturday - 7pm :-D

    Congrats Becksdawe, joggerspak and cyrus :thumbsup:

    Well Done and Congrats the three of you! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    whats solarflare


    whats solarflare

    When you reach over 1000 posts you become a solar flare- Its the description below your name at the moment I think yours says pilot light. It will change when you get more than 500 posts to flame thrower

    Indeed I am ! I didn't know until I read this.

    Thanks a lot guys ... been a pleasure being here so far. I have seen HUKD grow since my membership and wish for it to grow even more. The mods and devs are doing a great job ... keep it up !!

    Welldone to all :thumbsup:
    :santa: :santa:
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