New Songs of 2009

    New Year will soon be with us, so I'm looking for the top 20/25 songs of 2009. Need to put a few songs together (auto mixer so not bothered about the beat etc), but want some party / dance tunes.

    Pokerface, Lady Gaga
    Sex on Fire, Kings of Leon

    have already been mentioned, so looking for others to add on top. Have got dance/party tunes from past few year and the obviously Auld Lang Sayne remix, but if you think its worth a mention, then let me know.


    la roux in for the kill fo sho

    Tynchy Stryder - Number 1
    Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers, Holiday

    DOA - Jay Z

    Katie May - Your The Only One

    i gotta feeling - black eyed peas

    Ingrid Michaelson-You and I
    the horrors- who can say
    the pains of being pure at heart- higher than stars

    bet those are new to you

    The big pink - Dominoes

    Backstreet Boys - Straight Through My Heart


    Backstreet Boys - Straight Through My Heart

    haha - laughed hard when i read that:thumbsup:

    cgeryl coles song fight for your love is catchy

    The ones that I've been constantly/most asked for at my gigs throughout the year include-

    Black eyed peas - I gotta Feeling,
    Black Eyed Pea - Boom Boom Pow
    Pussycat dolls - Jai Ho,
    Beat Again - JLS
    Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror - a good dance version from a couple of years ago on the clubland 6 album oes well too.
    Cascada - evacuate the dancefloor
    Kelly Rowland/David Guetta - When Love takes Over
    Bonkers - Dizzee rascal
    and of course, Lady gaga.

    Others include - Pitbull/I know you want me, Sugababes/Girls, Alesha Dixon/Boy Does Nothing, Robbie Williams/Bodies, Cheryl Cole's new one, Alexandra Burke/Bad boys and any others by Jacko.

    Most a bit pop/dance but depends who you're playing too as there's tons of dance and rnb stuff that gets asked for just as much but isn't as well known.

    Hope that helps and have good gigs! Be busy.

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