New Steam Hack PC

    Got this message from somebody of my friendslist.

    10:54 - ?User?: Hi, do you want to trade this knife ? (Check out the screenshot of the knife )…23/

    Its not the download, its clicking on the image which infact is a fake steam.exe

    "Once executed, the following tasks are performed:

    Retrieves the current session ID of the Steam user
    Gains access to the user’s inventory / backpack
    Saves items onto an “offer list” for selling
    Displays the image below in order to make the user believe that what they actually opened is indeed an image file and not an actual application"

    This also explains why users are unaware that they're account is then used to spam their friends, like a chain-mail "send this onto 20 people"

    If you have clicked on link, I guess you should shut down your PC, reboot set steam-offline mode or off.
    1 use programe like ccleaner or windows disk cleanup to clear temp files. (make sure you know all your passwords)
    2. do a full system virus & malware scan. prob be all clear.
    Set steam online-mode and contact friends list not to click on any links sent from your account.
    (maybe should send warning mail before shutdown as minutes could save your friend from being caught out like you)

    please read as thats where I read about this.…nt/


    So OP, is that the actual link?
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