New Subaru Impreza

    What have they done...
    ... I might cry :-(…jpg

    looks like a BMW 1 series shunted (the world's ugliest new car (until this)) the Chrysler sebring.

    More travesty here:……172


    Urgh! Looks like a Focus that some sad boy racer has tried to do up.

    yeah, that aint pretty.

    Thats disgusting, guess we know who finally wins the impreza vs evo war

    Its a traversty of a mockery of a sham!


    Looks like this

    I drive a Volvo....possibly not fair for me to comment!!:oops:

    not my cup of tea either but then we are all different!:)

    zzzzzz its a car means nothing to me will so my partner he into his brum brums lol

    haha, wtf is this?
    actually, noooooooo!!!!! impreza drivers better not choose to take the evo instead.

    although i dont drive an evo yet, but will do unless im a total failure in life

    Oh well they were naff to begin with anyway.

    what have they done, its a mazda now, it cant be real :-(


    They've overmodernised it. it looks so much better when it looks more like a rally car...


    One of my cars was Subaru Impreza Mk1 And I loved it, despite it being horribly thirsty. But handling was awesome.

    And this... I don't know what to say.

    Autoexpress has the story.


    We would LOVE one but the insurance is too high for us because of our ages... MK1s are lush
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