New Suit

    Anyone know of any deals currently going on at the mo for a new suit?

    Cheers guys!


    Burtons ahve a 50% sale on at the mo and had some suits

    What are we playing Gin rummy, whist ?:w00t:

    ooooh suit you sir, oooh does the ladys love you in a suit, oooh suit you ! tesco's ,asda, primark.

    Try Primark for about £30.

    If you want something better then I would suggest M & S for about £150. Much better quality.

    my oh got the burtons 'funeral special' :-D a few weeks back, not sure if its still going but its a suit shirt and shoes for a £100 i think and suprisingly they were not really poor quality. :thumbsup:

    M&S had some suits down to £30, worth a look if nearby.

    asda worth a try, my fella got a (machine washable) black suit, white shirt and shoes all for £42, good quality too
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