New Suite tomorrow, cant clean a leather suite with water?

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Found 16th Feb 2011
Been told we need to clean this suite with leather wipes.

Thats gonna be expensive, apparantly you cant clean it with water. Thatll be a problem with 3 kids, lol. Stuff is constantly getting dropped and spilled.

What do do you use on your own sofas?



I use throws so that anything the kids spill on there ends up in the washing machine..............cheaper than buying new sofas.

You can get packs of leather wipes at home bargains, 3 packs for £1. i use them on my suite. 25/30 wipes per pack.

Why did you buy a leather one then?

You get cheap kits in ikea that includes cream conditioner. You can buy leather wipes in tesco which are cheap.

Have a leather sofa and have washed it with soapy water,can't say it's made any difference,but I didn't spend much on it. It will be better to have the appropiate cleaning items for the sofa though.

i use baby wipes every now and again and looks fine

i use babywipes too lol

99p a pack in the 99p shop

I have an eight year old cream leather suite and I always wash it with soapy water if anything is spilt on it, otherwise it could get horrible and sticky. I also use the leather wipes occasionally to nourish the leather.

cif is good on leather - gets out biro anyway. I ditched leather long ago as too many marks etc from child and dog. Novalife is fantastic for anyone looking for wipe clean sofas and your bum doesn't stick to the sofa if you are wearing a skirt!…=en

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Why did you buy a leather one then?

cos the wife chose it? lol.

if you get biro marks on it spray hairspray on the mark and wipe off, it works and I use the wipes from homebargains as well, well actually my daughter does she loves using them. haha

Furniture polish does the trick

Throws for when the kids are around.
Remove them for guests

ive always used soapy water to clean my leather sofa and never had any probs

Washed mine for 10yrs in soapy water, occasionally put some of the leather cleanser on it. Was fine never got any cracks, or scuffs etc, it never deteriorated the sofa at all.

Leather wipes on mine, also can put fabric conditioner with water and wipe over.

Saddle soap is meant to be the best thing for cleaning leather. Not the easiest thing to come by though.

julie 2

Leather wipes on mine, also can put fabric conditioner with water and … Leather wipes on mine, also can put fabric conditioner with water and wipe over.

I use fabric conditioner for lots of things - cupful in my mop bucket along with floor detergent and floors smell gorgeous (just a small cupful though or you will go on your erse!!)also in my basin when cleaning bathroom, to wipe down warm radiators..............smell just goes right through the house

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The missus claims Dove soap is good, after much research, as it is PH neutral but like with any liquid you mustn't soak it otherwise it may crack.


+1 for dove soap and a damp cloth

Yep baby wipes too for quickness.They so cheap now compared to a decade ago.

I use furniture polish on mine, works just fine.


leather! I hope you dont have any cats as they love scratching sofas to bits.
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