New Super Mario Bros (Nintendo DS)

Found 14th Dec 2006
What's the best price this is going at?
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Cheapest i can find is £24.49 powerplaydirect.com/asp…NDS
4% via quidco and there may still be discount codes around on here if you do a search

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Any other good deals out there?
Any good? Remember the DS is region free, so this game will play exactly like PAL UK versions.

Tis only £20.49 from CD-wow, theres a few discount vouchers kicking around in the main forum and also 5% back from quidco too if you use it. Thats probably going to be the cheapest you can get it ...
this is a fantastic game and a must buy,
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I got it for £19.88 with the 5% voucher code over on CDWOW!
1p cheaper than my link
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At least it's under £20!
i got this for my lass included in the game pack at toys are us for £149.99

She is totally addicted to this game, she didnt even want to go to work in the pub tonight because of it lol
This is the 3D version right? Might need to get this some time if it is :santa:
No, it's 2D, but it's by far the best game on DS, and much better because it's 2D.
i like the add on bits that you use on the bottom screen to interact with whats going on in the main top screen
Superb game this is, id highly recommend it
Worth every penny folks
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Can't wait till I get it!
when are you getting it ghostfreek?
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Hopefully in the next few days
good good, then we wont see you on here for a while then lol
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