New Super mario Bros U or Super Mario 3D World- which to play first?

Hi, just got a Wii U recently and haven't played a Mario game in many, many years.
Just wondering which of these 2 i should play 1st, or would it not matter story/character wise? Also i'll be playing solo, unless theres online multiplayer


If you haven't played in years, I'd recommend New Super Mario Bros U first, as it's similar to the games from the original Super Mario Bros game to Super Mario World. Super Mario 3D World is far superior, but plays in a 3D environment, similarly in a way from Super Mario 64 onwards, but most identical to Super Mario 3D Land on the Nintendo 3DS. Regardless of which type of game you prefer to play, I'd still do New Super Mario Bros U first to get it out the way with, and then Super Mario 3D World afterwards so you can see how better it is It doesn't make a difference story wise at all. Hope that helps

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Cheers, sounds like a solid plan!

Should be able to pick up SMBU for around the £15 mark if your savvy whereas SM3DW has held its value and will set you back at least twice that. If your looking for a challenge then SMBU it is however worlds charm is found within the gameplay variation, characters and mini-games. Love them both but SMBU certainly a more frustrating gaming experience! Both look beautiful on the gamepad btw.

SM3DW is much better in my opinion.

Both are great games and it doesn't matter which you play first as the story and characters don't really matter (aside from differing abilities) - it really comes down to whether you prefer a 2D or 3D platformer.

I prefer Mario Brothers U mainly because I have a preference towards 2D platformers and I enjoyed this one, very polished, very pretty and great controls as you'd expect and great design where the main levels are easy but trying to get all the bonuses can be incredibly challenging. Yet challenging in the way you just get all the more determined to get the items rather than just being put off.

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