New supermarket app

Posted 21st Apr
Just to let people know a new supermarket app is available called supermarket check in which provides information on queue times in your area. Obviously the more people that use it the more accurate it will be…856
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can u check prices?
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I think that’s for customers to update so unlikely to stay up to date
This is a fantastic idea just hope people will use it regularly to keep the app up to date
Just grab a paramedic uniform from ebay, £15, boom straight in.
App is a good idea but it really isn't accurate. The app said my local M&S had a 15 minute queue and there was actually no queue. Same with Tesco (not on the same day) - obviously the actual outcome of there being no queue was a good thing for me but the app is definitely not accurate.
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Rubbish they need your location on....without it error message....just deleted it.
Not reliable if people don’t check in. I tried it
We need an App for prices.
In my neighbourhood, there are no queues when stores open at 8am. 9am onwards and weekends is a different story.
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