New Terminator Salvation 4 MinuteTrailer

    Link below, what do u think?


    the guy from this movie is california

    Great stuff - cheers for the link :thumbsup:

    it looks good imo
    saw the ad in the cinema the other day and i am lookin forward to get and watch it on the big screen

    lets just hope its half as good as the first 2!

    well i doubt it will be anything as good as they are but if it holds it own and continues the inevitable then i'll be happy

    looks great, can't wait:thumbsup:


    the guy from this movie is california

    By the director of Charlies angels :whistling:

    looks good but i swear i was goin to get rick roll'd 4 minutes is a long trailer

    it's apparently going to be a 12 (pg13) as well as the possible cancellation of the sarah connor chronicles being anounced next week are 2 reason why I'm not as excited as I should be about this.

    great trailer, so long as its better than T3 (not hard) then i'll be happy.

    Can't wait to see it now!!!
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